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Who we are

Pass tHE Positive

At Pass tHE Positive, we embody a philosophy that transcends fashion—it’s a celebration of Love, Hope, and Optimism intricately woven into the fabric of our existence. With an unwavering passion for life, our purpose extends beyond style; it’s about the profound opportunity to make a Positive difference for our planet and its inhabitants. We radiate light, energy, and the sheer joy of being alive, striving to create a world of peace, harmony, and shared living. The beauty of Pass tHE Positive lies in our unity—we’re all in this together, embracing the collective journey of the Human Race. Join us as we extend a warm invitation to make a positive impact and bring our shared vision to life.

At Pass tHE Positive, we’re more than a fashion destination—we’re a community united by a shared passion for spreading love, joy, and optimism. With a commitment to making a positive impact, our clothing and accessories reflect a blend of style and purpose, inviting you to join us in a journey where fashion and positivity intersect.

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Our history

Crafted with passion, crafted with care.

Crafted with passion, nurtured with care. Every stitch and story in our journey is a testament to the heart and soul poured into creating a brand that resonates with love, dedication, and timeless style.
Our value

Clothing that gives you the freedom to be you!

Embrace authenticity with clothing that grants you the freedom to be uniquely you. At Pass tHE Positive, we cherish individuality and craft our collections with the belief that your style should reflect your true self.


Fostering a world where fashion transcends boundaries, our vision is to spark joy and unity through innovative and inclusive designs


Empowering through style, our mission is to inspire confidence and positivity in every individual's journey."


Style with Purpose—where each garment tells a story of love, hope, and the celebration of life.


Our value lies in fostering authenticity, offering clothing that liberates and encourages you to express your true self.


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