Pass the Positive

A Way of Thinking

Pass the Love

An Incredible Feeling

Pass the Aloha

A Way of Being

Welcome to Pass the Positive

Pass the Positive
Pass the Positive is about Love, Hope and Optimism
rolled up in to a big ol’ ball of
Passion about Life and our Existence.

Pass the Positive is about the opportunity to
make a Positive difference for our planet
and the people that live here.

Pass the Positive is about light and energy and the true joy
of being alive. We want to make it this way for everybody.

Pass the Positive is about peace and harmony and the possibility that we can all live together and like it.

The best part about PtP is that we are all in this together.
You don’t have to go it alone.

All of us are in the same race, the Human Race.

We need everyone in.

Think Positive and Pass it on……
Pass the Positive

Think Positive & Pass it On – Pass the Positive

Why Pass the Positive, Pass the Love, Pass the Aloha?
To make other peoples’ lives better. Guess what happens?
The light in our own life and the light on the planet gets quite a bit brighter.
More Positive, More Love,
More Aloha…..more Light.
More Light, easier to see, the…
Positive Possibilities
that exist for your life.


Join the team, we are starting a
Positive Revolution!

Think Positive and Pass it ON.
Pass the Positive.

Pass the Love?
The more Love that you give away, the more Love comes your way.

Pass the Aloha?
A way of Being
A Magical Feeling
The True Joy of Being Alive

How do we create a
Positive Thinking Culture of folks
that feel the Love and Be Aloha?

Think it, Believe in it, and Share It.
It is easy, once you get the hang of it.


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